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A wedding is one of the most important days in a couple’s life, it’s when two souls decide to marry one throughout their lifetime.

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Planning your wedding might be stressful and overwhelming sometimes. Being a wedding event planner we undertake a unique package that fits into your budget like the perfect engagement ring.

Things that we consider while we plan for your big day.


Making a budget and setting a plan is the best thing to be done by a Wedding event planner(us). Therefore, weddings can be quite expensive, as adding additional items to the master checklist will affect the budget that is set for your wedding. We sit along with the client and work on their wish list to set a budget. Our aim is not to exceed the amount that is set from day one.


Besides, the budget we work on the timeline as well. Scheduling your day mapping on the calendar due dates and setting a timeline to finish work earlier. Depending on the timing of the wedding, we ensure that we have ample time to plan and insert orders that take more time than others.

Themes and Decor

While planning for the wedding event we give the options for themes or we consider the choices given by our clients. After selecting a theme it becomes easy for the planners to set things in its right place: stage decor, fabrication, lighting, etc. We want our customers to sit back and enjoy the show while our professional team works on themed wedding planning essentials.

Destination & Venue

Once the budget, theme, and timeline are set, We check on with the venue vendors. We send them a formal quote and check on them with dates, timing, and the services they are going to provide. Before signing the contract with the venue vendor, we make sure that we can do the particular decor as planned with the customer on that special day. Also, there is no other event held on that day and timing.

Backup plans for all the wedding components

We work on the backup plans as well, as many things might go wrong on the wedding day and we do not want our clients to complain. We believe that before the complaint reaches our client we solve our difficulty within a fraction of seconds as we have plan B ready in hand.


Paperwork is necessary when wedding event planning. It is good to keep contractors, vendor agreements, proposals, etc piled up in an organized way. It helps us track our expenses at the end of the day, it makes our planning run smoothly and stress free.

Relationship with the photographers and Videographers

One of the most important assignments is to pile up with photographers and videographers. While planning for a wedding, photographers play a major role. Pre-wedding photoshoots, creating invitation videos, banners, designing cards, etc. To summarize all in one, our clients show us their preferences for photography and we work accordingly. We have an in-house team named LNC Photographers who are tremendous into wedding photography and videography. We work with other photography vendors as well with the choices of our clients.

In conclusion, we maintain a great and personal relationship with our vendors, clients, and managers. Weddings are a real fun when planned by the event professionals. Working with an amazing team and vendors brings us the best output for our clients.


We’re the best wedding planners in Chennai

At the end of the day, we are making your wedding day a dream come true.