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Audio Visuals

Audio visuals are becoming inevitable nowadays. Take any type of event, whether it’s indoor or outdoor, projectors and LED screens are becoming integral

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Audio & Sound Systems

The most important aspect of an event is sound i.e Audio, it plays a major role in an event. Working with sound engineers has become a benchmark in the industry. We work with the latest sound equipment and get the best Audio recorded by the performers.

Rigging & Trussing

As an event planner, we have professional truss and riggers working with us. Our team heavily focuses on safety and compliance. Setting a budget package we customized packages as per our customer’s needs. Trussing and Rigging is a key aspect of event production.

Special Effect

One of our favorite things to do in an event is implementing Special effects. We engage the larger audience and set up the mood as per the event and light. We have a range of Special effects and laser in house teams where we customize the show as per our client’s need. Using Special effects we create an emotional impact or blow up audiences with excitement.

Audio Visual

Being in an event management firm in Chennai audio-visuals works hand in hand. Looking into the technical aspects of audio-visual event organizers takes a challenge to work with both. The production of audio-visual consists of Computers, lighting, sound, projection, staging production, rental equipment, etc. It requires a lot of planning and a highly professional technicians team that gives innovative and customized ideas for making the event stunning that meets up the needs of our client. We work with a lot of Bgm and spectrum audios to satisfy our client’s expectations. 

We tend to create a lifetime partnership, to stand up completely differently in the Chennai Audio-Visual industry, we create a storyboard and theme ideas to discuss it with clients. Projection is required before working on the production. 

Our Audiovisual (AV) is not just based on Concerts but also includes Wedding planners, Exhibitions, Hotels, Corporate Events, Stage decorations, Elite and luxury weddings, etc.

Stage & Set Fabrication

A stage is a place where all audiences heart on. To work with Fabrication and less expensive stage texture by our qualified engineers, We work on the backdrop and stage decorations as per our client’s needs. Working on stage designs and set fabrication concepts we make any event look exceptional.


Lighting plays an effective role, It can transform the venue, change of tone, and sets up a mood depending on the event. We event planners have an indoor and outdoor complete light setup. LED setup, spotlights, PAR lights, moving lights, etc. We have a major and wide range of lighting to produce a generic look for the event. 


We’re the forerunners of audio-visual rentals in Chennai

With years of expertise and wide equipment portfolio, we cater to any event irrespective of size.